Gratitude & Giving Back This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and this is the time of year many of us pause to think about everything that we have to be thankful for – our family’s health, a nice home, loved ones, and the ability to buy the things we need are just a few.

SJ_11.21.11_5D_197For many Americans this year, it will continue to be a solemn time because so many of them are still suffering from the loss of jobs, loss of homes, health issues and loneliness. Our prayers go out to these families and individuals that are quietly holding on each day. We hope they arrive at our Cityteam doorstep because we want the opportunity to love them, share a holiday meal with them or provide them with a big Thanksgiving food box that will feed their families for days. We also desire to pray with them and make them feel like a part of our Cityteam family. Serving people with dignity and grace is so important.

The most interesting part of all this is – Cityteam is only made up of 125 employees worldwide. There are not a lot of us, but we are very dedicated to serving people in need every day of the year. If you visit a particular Cityteam location – you might only see five employees or less. So how do we serve hundreds of thousands of people each year? It’s because volunteers show up every day to love and care for those in need. For some, it’s their first time volunteering and for others they are faithful volunteers that come every week or month. At this time of year, we at Cityteam are so grateful for all the volunteers that share their holidays with us.

If you want to give back this holiday season by volunteering, donating a turkey or hosting a food drive – Cityteam is the perfect place. It would mean so much to those we serve and we know your life will be changed too. You can volunteer by yourself, or bring your family or company with you. It’s as simple as visiting our website at .

Come share your holidays with us.

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