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What’s a Mother To Do?

Cityteam Backpacks for KidsHave you noticed those Target Back To School commercials that air over and over again during the summer? This year they have a new campaign – buy one, get one 50% off. It’s a great deal but wouldn’t it have been even more compelling if they had said, “Buy one, and donate one” or “Buy one and we’ll donate one”.

As the new school year gets underway, parents and children know the anticipation and excitement that accompanies the first day of school: the simple joy of a new backpack, a new outfit, new shoes, and a clean notebook. It’s amazing how some children feel so excited to see their new items. It puts a certain smile of confidence on their faces. Yet for many parents and children across the U.S., these items are luxuries that they can’t afford. “Now, can you imagine what a child feels like without these new items?” Kids that don’t have the right supplies will usually feel hopeless and scared or discouraged to even go to school.

Low-income mothers in our communities have it really hard. These mothers struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. They also pray that their children won’t fall into drugs and alcohol.

So what is a mother to do?

I’ve seen some moms dig through garbage cans at night retrieving plastic containers and aluminum cans to take to the local recycler in order to get a little extra money for luxury items like school supplies. Yes, this really does happen. It’s got to be a humbling experience, but some moms know they have to do it or take another job at night and be away from her kids even more. Other moms skip a week of washing clothes at the local laundromat because it’s too expensive and saving that money could buy school supplies. Often these mothers can’t afford to drive a car with gas and insurance payments – so they usually walk or take the bus. Grocery shopping becomes harder because you can’t walk too far to get the best deals at the larger stores like Target.

These are the types of moms that Cityteam helps. We provide new backpacks and school supplies to thousands of children plus offer other services such as clothing, hair cuts, food boxes – all wrapped up in a fun day that provides them with dignity and respect. Many of the kids don’t know that generous people like you supplied the backpacks until they read the encouragement tag inside their backpacks. Some times donors send them in or volunteers write them. But a simple note that tells them that we believe in them and they can succeed this school year.

I hope this year when you walk down those shopping aisles at Target and you see those big sale signs – “50% off second item” – that you will think of Cityteam and the moms we help and the encouragement we give to thousands of kids in our community.   You can bring those donations right to our door at Cityteam. For those of you that don’t go to Target – You can donate online at www.cityteam.org and we will go shopping for you. You can also find our drop off locations on our website.

Help us this school year put a smile of confidence on a child and help a mom make it through another year. If you have questions about any of locations around the country – please don’t hesitate to send me an email at cpatterson@cityteam.org.

Hey @Target – let’s start a new movement – #buyonedonateone

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